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About Meenakshi Pain Management Center

The sensation of pain is useful. It informs us about any damaneg or potential damage to our body. A simple toothache, severe backpain or an intolerable pain due to cancer, are never desired but they could become part of your life anytime.

Luckily most pains can be treated by simple remedies and you soon forget about them.Sometimes, some are very severe kind of pain does not disappear so easily. But worry not, now you have Meenakshi Pain Management Center to look after your worries and sufferings. 30 years back Meenakshi Pain Center was founded by Dr. Archana & Dr. Yashwant Nankar with mission to "Treat Pain Without Surgery, with Advanced and Scientific Techniques".

Our Goal:Freedom from Pain

All of us experience pain at some point of time in life.Pain can be sudden or nagging or chronic.Any part of human body can get affected by such kind of pain due to various reasons.Pain in any form, not only disturbs us physically but also mentally and emotionally. We can bear pain upto individual threshold limit but beyond that requires proper medical attention. Such unbearable pain management treatments are offered at Meenakshi Pain Management Clinic(Archana Pain Clinic).

Archana Pain Clinic is branch of Meenakshi Pain Management Center located in Nigdi & Baner in Pune.We have over 30 years of pioneering experience in effective pain management therapy and techniques.We offer compassionate patient care with longer lasting pain relief. Meenakshi Pain Management Clinic is equipped with latest pain management modalities and equipments. Our pain management experts Dr. Archana Nankar and Dr. Yashwant Nankar alleviate patient's chronic pain that is not responding to routine medications and treatments.

Our 360℃ approach of patient care begins with an analysis to identify the cause of pain, treatment for primary problem, interventional procedures and followup with physical therapy and rehabilation to ensure effective freedom from pain.

Our Branches

Meenakshi Pain Management Center

"Life is beautiful without pain".Visit Meenakshi Pain Management Clinic and experience your journey from "Living with Pain" to "Freedom from Pain".

Archana Pain Clinic

Archana Pain Clinic is branch of Meenakshi Pain Management Clinic, started 30 years back equipped with latest pain managent techniques and equipments.

Our Work System

The pain physician initially takes a complete history and does a detailed clinical examination to try to find the cause of pain.He/She also takes into consideration the previous treatment that the patient has taken and how this pain has affected life of patient.The main of treatment plan is to provide pain relief(total or partial), reduce dependence of drugs and help the patient to resume his previous lifestyle to a greater degree.

The patient is also given specific advice instructions regarding posture,diet,exercise,physiotherpy etc.

Our Treatments Methodology

Nerve Blocks
Radio frequency Lesioning

Our Team

Dr. Yashwant Nankar

After getting his MD Degree from Pune University in 1982, Dr. Yashwant Nankar has been working as a Pain Management Specialist in Pune since last 30 years.He is founder and Director of Meenakshi Pain Management Center.

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Dr. Archana Nankar

Dr. Archana Nankar after completing her MD in Anesthesia started working as Pain Management Specialist. She has also completed her fellowship in Nerve Blocks & Pain Management from MGR University in Tamilnadu.

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